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The Epic 2 is the medium-sized two-way model in this new range of loudspeakers from Epos. It has been designed to hold true to Epos’s purist principles of simple crossover, well-behaved drive units and clean understated aesthetics yet deliver a ‘big’ performance way above its price point. Having a larger cabinet and cone than the Epic 1, it offers notable advantages over the Epic 1 in sensitivity, bass output and power handling.

At first glance, the Epic range harks back to an 80’s look, but with a modern twist. Epos uses a high-quality vinyl wood veneer to produce a high-end appearance whilst keeping the Epic’s entry-level price point in mind.


Uniquely, the front baffle presents two surprisingly different faces. Straight out of the box, the Epic 2 is supplied with an audiophile baffle with no visible fixing screws, grille-fixing holes or cloth. The baffle is machined around the woofer to create a gently contoured horn shape and, unlike a conventional grille frame; there are no added obstructions or sharp edges to cause reflections and sound colorations.

In the carton, you will also find an optional cloth-covered grille. For those who don’t like looking at loudspeaker drivers, this is the ideal compromise. The spare grille has the same audible reflection-free advantages found in the ‘audiophile’ baffle, but elegantly hides the drivers under a fine acoustically transparent cloth, providing protection to the more delicate parts of the speaker.

The front baffle on the Epic 2 can be changed in a unique way. The Illustration shows the baffle removal tool in use. With light pressure, the baffle will detach, allowing you to swap it as and when required.


Epos developed a new soft-dome tweeter for Epic – quite a landmark – because this is the first soft-dome tweeter in the history of the company. By using virtual performance CAD simulation tools, Epos has achieved very high performance, and a clean, open yet smooth sound quality which hits well above the tweeter’s price point.

The new tweeter has a low resonance frequency, high sensitivity and extended high frequency response. With its 25mm (one inch) fabric-dome, short horn, high-temperature Ferro-fluid cooled voice-coil, and shielded neodymium magnet, it is capable of high output levels for extended periods without degradation to sound quality or itself.

Mid Bass

Epos has also developed a brand new 179mm (6 1/2 inch) 4 Ohm driver for the Epic 2, which produces an even frequency response and smooth roll-off. This has a high-quality polypropylene cone and ‘bullet’-shaped dust cap. These form a stiff yet pliable, well-damped structure which retains its shape, even under high power operation. The woofer is loaded at low frequencies, using a large-diameter port, flared at both ends to avoid turbulence that produces surprising levels and depths of good clean bass for the speaker’s size, coupled with a clear and open mid-range.

The Epic 2 is a surprisingly sensitive speaker with high power handling, making it suitable for use with a wide range of amplifiers, from as small as 20 watts to as large as 120 watts.


Epic RearIn typical Epos fashion, the Epic 2 crossover is as simple as we can make it: The woofer/mid and tweeter networks are 2nd order filters. To ensure high sound quality, all the resistors are metal oxide – a type rarely found in products at this price level. Also included are high-quality polypropylene capacitors, used for their superior sound quality.
Inductors are designed for low distortion even at high powers: air-core for the tweeter and over-sized laminated-iron core for the woofer. The input terminals are gold plated and bi-wirable. It’s all in keeping with the Epos ethos of providing high quality at sensible prices.

This same ethos influences every part of the Epic 2, down to the extensive vertical and horizontal internal bracing and rigid 18mm MDF cabinet, far in excess of typical rivals. Just pick it up to feel the weight. For best performance, the speaker should be stand mounted. Epos recommends the ST12i stand.


We paid great attention to every single minute detail during the design of the Epic 2, to give customers the best sound at the best price. It comes as no surprise that this compact speaker will have you in awe from the first note. In addition to the surprising bass power and quality, the sound stage, depth and detail are exceptional, with a clarity that outshines the completion and many higher priced speakers. It is indeed a very engaging loudspeaker with a fine all-round performance.

The Epic 2 is a truly eye and ear-opening loudspeaker that will keep you enthralled listening to your favorite tracks for many years to come.


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Technical Specification

Power Handling 120 Watts unclipped speech and music
Frequency Range 48 Hz – 25 kHz
Impedance 4 Ohm nominal
Sensitivity 90dB / 2.83V@1m
Amplifier Compatibility 20 – 120 Watts
Positioning Not less than 10 cm (4”) from rear wall
Tweeter Epos 25mm soft dome with high-temperature voice coil, ferrofluid cooling and neodymium magnet system. Magnetically shielded
Bass/Midrange Driver Epos 179mm, with 25mm high-temperature voice coil and polypropylene cone. Magnetically shielded
Crossover Bass and tweeter cross over with 2nd order filters. Tweeter network uses Metal Oxide resistor, polypropylene film capacitor and air-core inductor. Woofer network features a large-core laminated-iron inductor and polypropylene film by-pass capacitor.
Terminal Panel Gold-plated and Bi-wirable. Can be single or double wired by removing shorting links provided.
Internal wiring 18 AWG stranded cable.
Cabinet 18mm MDF wrap and front baffle, extensively braced internally
Finish Cherry or Black Ash vinyl veneer
Grilles Removable ‘audiophile’ grille fitted as standard, Grille–removal tool included. Alternative cloth-covered grilles are packed as accessories
Size HxWxD – mm / in. 415 x 210 x 280 / 16.4 x 8.3 x 11
Weight 8.6 kg / 19 lb per single speaker
20.7 kg / 46 lb per carton
Packaged One pair per carton

Finish Colours

Black Ash

The examples shown on-line may differ to that of the finished product.